Manual Traffic Exchanges Are The
Current Wave of Economic Freedom

Did you know that Traffic Exchanges have taken on a life of their own? At one time a play toy for surfing bunnies, they now provide a lucrative income on many levels. As thousands of new people join on a daily basis, you get new leads, more ways to promote your products and commissions for those you bring in to the site. You also have the ability to promote your own sites through affiliate builders as well as promoting your splash pages, banners and text ads.

How is Peter's Profits any different from the million and one other traffic exchanges out on the market today? Well, let's start with what is the same -

  • Maximum traffic to your site/business

  • Quality advertising

  • Downline builder

  • Professional support


Now - let's narrow the odds down a bit. What makes us different?

  • A 10 second, 1:1 surfbar for every member

  • A fully independent downline builder that can be promoted (and generate income from referrals as well) on its own

  • Random referrals and a 50% commission on all direct and random referrals' purchases - $1.50 monthly for each paid referral alone not to mention banner and text purchases

  • Legitimate credit inventory with no free hit allocations - no credits sitting around gathering dust

  • A members-only surf experience with anti-cheat and guaranteed site visits through our low monthly fee ($3)

  • Professional support from life coaches and spiritual teachers who provide guidance in maneuvering through this current paradigm shift.  Prophet Peter was a Coptic minister who discovered that money and spirit can work together.  He taught this to others and we are passing it on to you.


Many of you have seen me around the web for the past couple of years now. I've dabbled a bit in many opportunities and have had some great teachers, too. I've learned a lot along the way and am now ready to share it with you. So this traffic exchange will not only provide opportunity but it will teach as well, showing you how to get the best out of this opportunity as well as other avenues on the Net.

So ... let's get this straight.  A profit-making exchange (50% commission on ALL direct referral purchases) that brings lots of traffic to your site, rules out the cheaters by an modest monthly fee, a low surf timer with a top pro ratio - 1:1 - and perks, bonuses, professional support and life coaching. 

A picture is worth a thousand words and actions speak even louder. Instead of us telling you about Peter's Profits Traffic Exchange, why don't you come on in and see for yourself?

Click on the link below and sign up now. Take a look around and make sure to explore all your options. Have fun and I will see you on the other side.

2009 & beyond - Peter's Profits Traffic Exchange